Nationale Palliative Care Tage 2015


Pre-Conference Workshop

How to design and implement comprehensive palliative care in a population (district)

The aim of this workshop is to describe and share the strategies to implement comprehensive palliative care in all settings of a district with a public health, population based and community oriented perspective. This session will be led interactively with the help of cases and discussions in groups. The following points will be discussed during the session:

  • The new epidemiology of palliative care needs
  • How to identify persons with palliative care needs earlier in the course of disease
  • How to improve a palliative approach for persons with advanced chronic conditions
  • How to improve quality of palliative care in settings of health care
  • Ethical dilemmas of early identification
  • How to develop integrated models of palliative care
  • How to involve the community and society

This workshop addresses health care professionals, policymakers and organizational leaders of the different settings of care: primary care, nursing homes, emergencies, acute services, palliative care services etc.
Places are limited to 50 participants.

Lea von Wartburg
Federal Office of Public Health

Steffen Eychmüller
PZI, Inselspital Bern


For any inquiries and free registration please refer to: palliativzentrum@insel.ch or registration@medworld.ch
with the keyword «Pre-Conference 1.12.2015». Please note that places will be provided in order of registration.

Prof. Xavier Gómez-Batiste, MD, PhD
  • Director Qualy Observatory
  • WHO Collaborating Center for Palliative Care Public Health Programs
  • Catalan Institute of Oncology, Barcelona
  • Chair of Palliative Care, University of Vic

Apart from his academic and clinical appointment, he has been intensively involved in the WHO palliative care program. His expertise in combining palliative care with public health and health economics is outstanding.


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